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Full Moon AND Friday the 13th?

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It's a rare occurrence, but it happened today: A full moon on Friday the 13th. The last time the two came together was October 13th, 2000.

Some believe there is no evidence that Friday the 13th is unlucky, or that people change under a full moon.

But some people believe in superstitions, and won't walk under a ladder or go out on Halloween.

"So anybody who might be superstitious might be all the more superstitious of today," said Lisa Lofton, Thronateeska Program Coordinator.

"I don't like a black cat to cross the road from the right, cuz its bad luck," said Renase McGriff.

"I'm not superstitious-- it don't change my circumstance," said Mary King.

The next full moon on Friday the 13th will happen October of 2049.


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