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Free admission for dads at RiverQuarium

(Flint RiverQuarium photo) (Flint RiverQuarium photo)

Fathers Day celebrates dads at the Flint RiverQuarium. On Sunday, June 15 from  1-5 p.m. Dads get Free admission and a special treat with a paid child's admission.

RiverQuarium invites you to take a virtual journey through the "Zoo and Aquarium" world on Sunday June 15 from 2-4pm.

Your little junior aquarium and zoo keeper can craft an aquarium turtle and zoo hippo, go diving under the sea with charades and read books about some amazing creatures.

Drop by and meet all the amazing animals that call the Flint RiverQuarium home this month.

The Flint RiverQuarium has a new resident--the Mimic Octopus. The Mimic Octopus is from the Pacific Ocean near Indonesia.

This small species reaches a maximum length of about two feet from mantle tip to arm tip.  The special thing about a Mimic octopus is that it mimics (or pretends to be) other, more dangerous, animals.

The mimic octopus can look like a Lionfish, a Sea snake, or a poisonous sole, a flatfish.

 Like most Octopus, the Mimic eats small crustaceans, fish, and mollusks. They can eject ink in a cloud to fool predators, and swim by means of jet propulsion using their siphon to jet water opposite the direction they intend to go.


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