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Plants stolen from community garden

Recreation supervisor Linda Harris Recreation supervisor Linda Harris

Thieves target an Albany Community Center's garden that's used to feed children in need.      They stole plants from the garden at Carver Sports Complex on South McKinley Street.     

Recreation supervisor Linda Harris believes the thieves jumped the fence into their garden and ripped out collards and tomato and pepper plants valued at about $140.  

"We're unhappy about that but we know the people in the community already told us they're going to help us put it back. If I have to go get it I'm going to get it and put it back myself,"  said Harris.        

The thieves left the squash, eggplant and parsley.  Harris says they've had the garden for about four years.     

They use it as an educational tool for the children the area and also for food.

"Whenever the summer lunch bag program is over we still have that [the garden] to fall back on for the children. If the program ends we still have something to feed them after they go back to school in the afternoon," said Harris.

If you would like to donate, call the center at 229-430-5243.   Albany Police are investigating.



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