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Albany business owner steps up security after burglary

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APD Corporal Brian Covington APD Corporal Brian Covington

Its been two days since three Albany businesses were burglarized and now those owners are stepping up their security to ensure that they won't be an easy target for crooks, again. 

The owner of Alligood says he suspects the burglars who got into his store knew exactly what they were doing. 

It was Tuesday morning when we learned Alligood meat store was ransacked, the thief or thieves somehow pushed in the AC unit clamped on the side of a window and was able to crawl their way in. Once inside the store safe and hundreds of dollars were taken.

Owner, Shelton Murdock says he now has that hole filled with 8 inches of cement and is working with ADT to see if his hidden cameras caught the burglars. He plans to step up security but won't go into detail how but with barbed wire and metal cages around weak spots such as doors and windows, he feels he is off to a good start.

 Corporal Brian Covington of APD suggest owners to set up lights in front of their property, he believes its a great deterrent for criminal activity. He also wants to remind businesses that they do offer free security surveys where they go into the business and examine areas where you could be targeted. 

Murdock says right now what is the most frustrating is that he has to replace a lot of equipment, drawers and a cash register, even a new laptop that was crushed. Again, he's currently waiting for surveillance footage to surface, he hopes it will show something that will help police track those thieves down.

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