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MillerCoors Albany plant sets new conservation records



Water and energy use at Albany's MillerCoors brewery reaches record lows.

     In 2013, for the first time, the plant recycled, reused, or reclaimed all waste from their production and sent nothing to the landfill.
     The plant also lowered the amount of water they use for the third year in a row... now using only 3 barrels of water to make one barrel of beer.       
     Plant officials say they return 60-percent of the water they use to the Flint River, cleaner than the original river water flowing there.


Plant Manager Tim Dill said "This is an amazing resource for us. 90 percent of our product is made from water.  And we have a tremendous resource here in Albany, Georgia."

Plant Technical Services Manager Jim Grandinetti said "The company's motto is Great Beer, Great Responsibility.  We take that seriously here. And continue to, all the employees continue to strive to see what we can do to be good stewards for our community."

     The Albany MillerCoors plant was named Plant of the Year by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals and Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.  

     They made more than 9 million barrels of beer last year.

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