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Suspect arrested in Moultrie school burglary


Police took Ramon Ranier Williams into custody just before noon today.

Moultrie police charged him with 2nd degree burglary. 

They say he broke into Colquitt County High School and stole laptops, fans, and other electronics, which they found in this car at the scene.

Police say just before 3 a.m. Williams backed his car up and entered the school through a window, packing his car full of electronics.

"It appeared that he was attempting to steal several large screen TVs. I believe I counted, an estimated six, three had actually been removed from the wall and was sitting on the ground inside the media center. Two others had been disconnected and it appeared he was attempting to removed those from the wall as well," says William Baillargeon,  with the Moultrie Police Department.

Police say when they arrived they set up a perimeter after they saw him running from his vehicle.

"They did not pursue the individual at that point ..They set up a perimeter around the school in order to trap the individual so to speak from leaving the scene," says Baillargeon.

Police say when he fled the scene the school's surveillance cameras caught him and showed them how he got away.

"We knew where his point of entry was at the front of the school the surveillance video showed us his point of exit and how he fled the scene," he says.

Police don't know if Williams had any accomplices. 

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