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Storm causes damage in Lee County



A Lee County woman has a warning for you after a frightening storm hit her neighborhood Tuesday night. "People just need to be careful when they're outside. When the wind picks up that strong, get inside because it happens fast," Anital Mullis said.

A strong thunderstorm knocked down trees on her property on Airport Road just outside Smithville, blocking her driveway.

A shed that covered paint was blown into her car and ended up on the other side of her house. Mullis said, "When the storm come through there, he watched it, it was just like a white cloud that just, the wind picked up. It just started flooding, and then it was over that quick within less than five minutes."


Across the road, the storm also knocked over a goat feeder. No one was hurt, but the Mullis family was busy cleaning up the mess Tuesday night.

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