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New walk-in clinic brings healthcare to Morven

The clinic is located at 468 Park Street in Morven The clinic is located at 468 Park Street in Morven
Shamika Greenwell Shamika Greenwell
Myron Faircloth Myron Faircloth

Citizens in Morven no longer have to travel to Quitman or Valdosta to see a doctor. The Peach City Walk-In Clinic is now open for business, and residents couldn't be happier.

"It's a blessin'; a blessin' to me, it's a blessin' to my family and friends, and to anyone else who needs it," said Morven resident Shamika Greenwell.

Doctor Myron Faircloth opened the clinic on June 2nd along with the two partners at his practice in Valdosta and a lot of help and donations from the community. Faircloth was born and raised in the Morven-Barney area and said he just wanted to help out his home town.

"A lot of people give back in various ways, whether it's time money.This is my way to give back with affordable, cost effective healthcare," explained Faircloth.

Office visits are $50, no insurance needed. There are two exam rooms, which have everything you'd find at a bigger clinic in Valdosta or Quitman. "This is your standard exam room," said Faircloth, as he explained the layout of the exam rooms. "Obviously, gloves on the wall, sharps containers. This is a bed. We have chairs in the room for family members."

For right now, the office is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-7 p.m. and on weekends. But, those hours could expand as the clinic gets busier.

Faircloth said the clinic will also help reduce the number of people going to local emergency rooms for non-emergency needs like coughs and colds. "This will take some of the pressure off, hopefully, from some of the emergency rooms with it being affordable and having a provider in town," stated Faircloth.

Nursing and medical students at VSU will be able to do clinicals here, too. Another way the Peach City Walk-In Clinic is helping bring the community together to fulfill a vital need in rural South Georgia.

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