Viewpoint: Hot Weather Cars

With hot weather here, it's important to remember the dangers that hot cars pose to children and animals.

Monday, a two year old Atlanta girl died after climbing into a car and becoming trapped.

There are things you can do to prevent such tragedies.

Never leave a child or a pet inside a hot car.

And if you drop off an infant at daycare, avoid forgetting about the child by putting something you know you will need in the back seat, like your cell phone or purse.

Experts also suggest putting a stuffed animal in your child's car seat when it's unoccupied, then put it next to you when the child is in the car seat.

And if someone else is dropping off your child, follow-up with a phone call to make sure the child wasn't forgotten in the back seat.

Kids and cars dot org says there were 44 heat-stroke child deaths nationwide in 2013, and the death Monday in Atlanta is fourth so far this year.

If you see a child inside a hot car, get him out and call 911.

Also, talk to your family members and spread the word about these safety tips.

It could save a child's life.

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