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City employees might bring their guns to the office


Could city workers soon be carrying guns to work? That's a decision city commissioners will have to make at the end of this month. 

 Commissioners could not say for sure today whether or not that wanted to put a new gun ordinance into effect. They were one commissioner short today which put them at a tied vote.

It's hard to imagine city workers out on the job only with a gun on their hip..

 We are all used to seeing police carry their guns around but with house bill 60 taking effect on July 1St some city officials say times are changing.

 "We are in a new world where I don't think unilateral disarmament makes sense. I'm not for putting away your weapons if everyone else is going to have one."

 City Commissioners could not agree on whether to pass a gun ordinance that would restrict city workers from bringing guns to work.This is in light of the new legislation that Governor Nathan Deal signed into law.

 It allows licensed people to bring guns into certain buildings like the government center.

 City and County officials are working on what kind of security measures they want in place, would could be similar to the Judicial center across the street which limits access to the front, plus has security with metals detectors and x-rays.

 Commissioner Bob Langstaff said allowing employees to carry guns to work is a recipe for disaster.

 "You can imagine what goes on in an organization as large as the city. Large meetings where they discuss their benefits. Their benefits may change. The cost of health insurance may go up...or they may get terminated so how to you deal with terminating an employee who has a gun on their hip."

 The commission voted to pass the ordinance and to table it both were a tied vote as one commissioner was absent from today's meeting.

 Commissioners will vote again on the four Tuesday of this month during their evening meeting with a full commission. Commissioner BJ Fletcher was absent today.


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