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WALB Investigates Dougherty County Superintendent's contract

Dr. David Mosely, Superintendent Dr. David Mosely, Superintendent
Carol Tharin, Dougherty County School Board Chairman Carol Tharin, Dougherty County School Board Chairman

A WALB News 10 investigation shows the Dougherty County School Board is prepared to pay Superintendent David Mosely much more than what superintendents in most similar Georgia school systems make. Though board members hope to reduce the amount local taxpayers will spend on Mosely's compensation.        

The State School Board will decide next week whether to approve a waiver the Dougherty County Board applied for that would allow the system to list Mosely as a part-time employee. A 49% designation would allow Mosely to continue to collect state retirement benefits he earned before coming out of retirement to work here in Albany. If the State Board approves that waiver the local board would essentially renegotiate a lower contract with Mosely.     

Board Chair Carol Tharin says the new deal they approved last month would give Dr. Mosely a $50,000 raise. Tharin says the board wanted to reward him for turning around a troubled system and to replace the retirement money he could lose.   

"His track record over the last 18 months has been excellent," said Carol Tharin, Dougherty County School Board Chairman. "We've made significant strides in restoring the Dougherty County School System to the kind of system that it needs to be."

 If the state approves that waiver next week, Tharin says it could save the school system between $130,000 and $140,000 a year. She says that money could be used to hire several more teachers. The State School Board did grant the waiver last year when Mosely was the interim superintendent.  

Dr. Mosely leads the 23rd largest school system in the state.  The contract pays $225,000 in salary plus $12,000 for travel expenses and a $12,000 annuity.     

The next smallest system that paid more last year without a contract buyout is 6th ranked Atlanta with more than three times as many students. Total compensation for the superintendent there last year was almost $260,000. Muscogee County is the 11th largest system. They paid a total of less than $130,000 to their superintendent last year.     

The brand new superintendent in Houston County will make $187,000 plus travel this year.      The Coweta County Superintendent made almost $178,000 total last year. The two systems closest in size to Dougherty also pay substantially less. Total compensations in Rockdale and Carroll Counties last year were both just less than $200,000.

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