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Humane Society waiting for newest test results

Donna Strickland, Director Donna Strickland, Director

The decision to euthanize 8 dogs was hard, but Albany Humane Society officials say it was necessary to combat the distemper outbreak at the shelter, especially considering the dogs' pre-existing problems.

"They were also animals that were aggressive, had some behavior issues," said Director Donna Strickland. "At this point, we had to make a decision, we got our hands full."

32 shelter dogs did not test positive for distemper. They are being kept away from the 21 that do have the illness. The healthy animals were re-evaluated Thursday morning.

"We're crossing our fingers that we will get those results Friday and we won't have anymore positives," Strickland said.

If the results are in their favor, they could be up for adoption shortly. Meanwhile, the ones that have tested positive, have been responding well to treatment. Particularly, a terrier mix WALB profiled in early May.

"He was the worst one, he couldn't stand up and that sort of thing," Strickland said. "Now he is just doing great, I mean he made a complete turn around."

The process to return them to full health is trying, but officials say it's worth the fight. There is no specific timetable when the dogs, if fully recovered will be up for adoption.

The Humane Society is accepting animals into the shelter at a building that is free of the distemper virus but adoptions remain suspended.


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