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Gambling special prosecutor and players react to GBI arrest

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Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens is waiting for official notice that the Dougherty District Attorney will recuse himself from prosecuting suspected gamblers before appointing a special prosecutor.  

Greg Edwards told us his office will not handle the cases against 14 men arrested in a GBI raid Monday night because of personal relationships he and his staff have with some of the suspects.  

A spokesperson for the attorney general says that's common. Olens' office released a statement saying, "the Attorney General is required to appoint a substitute prosecutor when a District Attorney has notified the Attorney General that his or her office has a conflict of interest."      

Olens will see which attorney in his office has time to handle the case before assigning a special prosecutor.

Some south Georgians who gamble for fun may be rethinking their actions following those arrests. Several other prominent business owners admit they play gin daily, for a penny a point, at Doublegate Country Club.  

Many golfers admit they wager a little money per hole to "spice up the game." But by Georgia law, that is illegal gambling.  

Monday's raid of a longtime poker game among friends, has many South Georgians asking if their game could be next. "I guess theoretically that's gambling and probably could be called a violation of the law.  Golly, I don't think they make enough jails to fill up everybody," said card player Chris Glover.

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