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Five beagles left in hot car, two men arrested

Regenia Wells, Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter Director Regenia Wells, Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter Director

A reminder to use common sense when caring for pets after two Missouri men were arrested in South Georgia after locking five puppies in the trunk of a car overnight.  

Tifton police and the Tift County Animal Control found the 11-week-old beagles in dirty conditions in the back of trunk. Animal Control officers stress it's never ok to leave your pets in a hot car.  

The beagles are healthy now after being left in a hot car for several hours last Thursday.

"Hungry and thirsty, a little on the dehydrated side, but now I'm not a vet but you could just tell, and they were just covered in feces and urine," said Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter Director Regenia Well.  

Someone at the Days Inn called Tifton Police after hearing the puppies whining in the parking lot. Police found the five puppies in a crate with no food or water in the trunk of 64-year-old Christopher Eck's 2013 Hyundai Elantra. He and 42-year-old Shannon Henson were on their way to Florida from Missouri. The beagles were taken to the Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter to be cleaned up and fed.  

"One of our helpers I think bathed them twice, they were horrible," said Wells. " I mean they were covered from head to toe."  

By the time animal control officials arrived to pick up the puppies the empty trunk had cooled down to 76 degrees, but they know it was much hotter while it was closed.  

  "If it's 90 degrees outside, it's 120 in that car," said Wells.    

Wells uses a mini thermostat gun to demonstrate the difference in temperatures outside and inside a car.

"People don't realize that but it's a big difference," said Wells.  

Wells says her shelter receives a lot of calls about people leaving their animals in hot cars.  

"If you're going to be gone just a minute but that minute turns into hours, it's hot even though you leave the car running or the windows down," said Wells. "It's hot."  

Wells says if you ever witness animal cruelty you shouldn't hesitate to call 911 or your local animal shelter.      

Both Eck and Henson were charged with five counts of animal cruelty. They bonded out of jail on $1250 the same day they were arrested.

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