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Husband speaks out after rape

A husband is speaking out after his wife was brutally raped on Memorial Day Weekend.

WALB does not normally identify rape victims, but the family asked in hopes of catching the attacker.

Lester Brown has spent a lot of time searching the area where his wife Kendra Brown was attacked and raped.

Both her eyes were swollen shut and her lip was cut.

Kendra Brown is a native of Fitzgerald and was in town Memorial Day weekend visiting family.

She decided to walk from a friends house to her Aunt's house about four blocks. She was on the phone with her husband just moments before.

"I tried to call her back and call her back and I never got an answer," recalled Brown. "And I got a bad feeling in my stomach like something was wrong."

The assault happened in the empty parking lot across from Red Rooster, between two trailers that have since been moved. Brown says nearby stores had surveillance cameras recording, but the footage didn't show any faces.

After the attack Brown managed to make it to her Aunt's house where her cousin answered the door.

"When I opened up the door I'd seen a lot of blood and stuff on her face, really swollen," said Kendra's cousin Lillian Seats. "She didn't have any clothes on, nothing but a shirt and one shoe. She came on in and I asked her what happened and she couldn't remember anything.

Police say this is the second rape in the last month or so, but don't know if they are connected.

"There are similarities in the cases that we are working but we don't speculate anything at this time," said Det. Sgt. James Tilley. "We have to investigate each case independently until evidence leads to otherwise."

They advise residents to know the area where they're walking and always stay in well lit areas.

"We have a lot of alleyways in Fitzgerald that may not have adequate lighting," said Tilley. "And make sure when you go some where you contact a person and let them know hey I'm on my way there."

Lester Brown is hoping his wife's attacker is caught and anyone with information will come forward

"Please somebody come forward, this don't make no sense," pleaded Brown. "we have someone in this small town beating women and leaving them for dead. It could be one of your nieces, daughters, [or] granddaughters."

Police have submitted DNA evidence and are waiting for results from a crime lab in Moultrie.

Kendra Brown was planning to attend nursing school in Fitzgerald but now in light of the attack may be making other plans.

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