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Georgia leaders slam EPA Carbon Ruling


Georgia leaders are harshly criticizing new rules from the Obama Administration that target emissions from power plants.

The administration says the new rules will cut the amount of carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 but some states will not have to determine how they will reach those goals for as long as four years.

Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga) said "The EPA has already mandated a litany of costly regulations, now the President is one again punishing energy providers with rules that will result in lost jobs, higher energy cots and a less reliable energy grid."

U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (R-Ga) said "This ideologically-driven policy will have devastating and disastrous results for Georgia by artificially raising the costs of nearly everything, destroying good private-sector jobs and hindering the kind of economic growth our state needs to improve the lives of each and every Georgian.

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise said "The Obama Administration continues its war on coal with the issuance of carbon dioxide rules for existing coal plants.  These overreaching rules trump state authority, put energy users at risk to future price swings, ignores the investments and progress Georgians have made to improve the environment and are a backdoor attempt to force federal renewable energy mandates.

Wise says Georgia has reduced the amount of coal from 62% in 2011 to 35% in 2013.

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