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Woman dies after hit by train

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It's the second time in four days a south Georgia pedestrian has been killed by a train.

On Monday morning a 63-year-old Cordele woman was killed while walking to a grocery store.

About 90 trains pass through the city of Cordele each day.

Beulah Bell was hit by one of those trains while trying to cross the tracks on her way to the grocery store.

Her family says she lived just a block away from the intersection of 14th and 8th St. where the accident took place.

The owner  of a nearby business was at the scene when paramedics arrived.

"A lady was waiving frantically at me and so I pulled over and stopped and she said a lady just got hit by the train and she said can you see her on that side and I looked and did she her laying on the side of the tracks and I got out of the truck and went out and checked on her," says John Gordon, a Cordele business owner.

John Gordon owns the tire shop just down the road and says this is not the first time this has happened.

"When you live by the railroad tracks and 55 years of this, yeah we have seen  more than one accident like that," he says.

Police caution people never to cross the tracks when a train is coming.

"It's very hard to judge the speed of a train and you never want to take the risk of trying to beat the train whether your on a vehicle or on foot or anything. If you see a train coming then wait. They normally don't take that long to pass around here," says Sgt. Jeremy Taylor with the Cordele Police Department.

Police say Blue was walking east on 14th Ave when she attempted to cross and was struck by a train traveling north.

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