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Southwest Georgia Firefighters participate in extrication training

Robert Joyner, MES Rescue Specialists Robert Joyner, MES Rescue Specialists

When life threatening situations occur, emergency response time can mean the difference between life and death. Today, several Southwest Georgia Firefighters were in Albany for a two day training class put on by Municipal Emergency Services and the SOWEGA Fire Chief's Association.    

Firefighters are working hard to rescue two people involved in a multi-vehicle car crash.The goal is to get them out in 20 minutes or less.

"From the time we get on scene to have everybody packaged and into an ambulance going to the hospital, if we can do it in 20 minutes or less that gives a 30 minute factor to fly you to a hospital or drive you to a hospital," said MES Rescue Specialists Robert Joyner.  

Teamwork and quick thinking are vital when working a crash. This group of firefighters got the two crash victims out in just 16 minutes.  

"We try to teach them to make rapid decisions and hope that they make the right decision the first time and it just goes extremely fast," said Joyner. "If not, change."  

The firefighters used a variety of tools to cut the victims out of their vehicles.  

"The average time probably around this area for an entrapment is probably 30 to 45 minutes," said Joyner. "We're trying to teach them a process that is going to narrow that down, which is going to increase victim survivability."    

"This is going to make them better prepared to go back to their departments and train their members of their departments," said Lt. Seth Maxwell with the Grady County Fire Department.  

Maxwell says the best thing a person can do when involved in a crash is to listen to emergency responders.  

"Just try and stay calm while we're doing this thing," said Maxwell. "Sometimes it's going to give movement of the vehicle when they're cutting parts of the vehicle. If they can just listen to what we're asking them to do."  

Firefighters from ten different counties, including Grady and Thomas, were in Albany for the training exercises. The two-day event is put on annually by the SOWEGA Fire Chief's Association.

The Association along with Municipal Emergency Services would like to thank the Albany Fire Department for allowing them to use their training facility.

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