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New study says drivers have a problems with mergers

Traci Grubbs Traci Grubbs
Garrett Grubbs Garrett Grubbs
Officer Christopher Richardson Officer Christopher Richardson

According to a recent Safeco Insurance driving study, more than 80 percent of drivers say they do not allow other drivers to merge into their lanes.

They are asking drivers to Drive It Forward, and encourage drivers to stop aggressive driving and show more courtesy on the roads.

 What do you do when a car is blocking your lane?  Many Albany drivers tell us something as minor as this can set off aggressive drivers.

Motorist Bill Burger said "There are people who just think that they own the road and nobody else is supposed to be there. I see that all the time."

Heavy traffic and aggressive drivers often concerns parents like Garrett and Traci Grubbs.

Traci Grubbs said "It's concerning for me for my children's safety. And I wish they would stop and think before they drive aggressively."

Albany Police say distracted driving and speed are danger issues ...and that people need to concentrate on safety when they are behind the wheel.

Albany Police Officer Christopher Richardson said "The main problem is people not allotting enough time to get where they are going.  Can't preach it enough, leave in enough time. Plan on the traffic jam. Plan on the slow car in front of you."

Supporters are calling this Drive It Forward Friday, asking drivers to model more good driving behavior on the roads.

 Richardson said "Having a speeder running up and down the road. Someone that's in a hurry.  Can't wait for other traffic.  Let them go. Let them go by you."


The Grubbs hope South Georgia drivers will Drive It Forward.

Garrett Grubbs said "We all need to be a little bit more aware of the dangers of driving irresponsibly."


And hopefully that will mean safer roads for all of us.




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