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South GA probate judges discuss state's new gun bill

An example of Georgia's conceal and carry permit An example of Georgia's conceal and carry permit
Chase Daughtrey Chase Daughtrey

Probate judges want to decide how to handle the changes to Georgia's weapons carry program under the new gun bill before the changes take effect on July first.

That was one of the main topics of discussion at their retreat Friday morning. "There's some ambiguity in it, I think most folks will concede that. There are some issues in there that are not as cut and dry as we'd like them to be," said Chase Daughtrey, Cook County probate judge and president of the Council of Probate Court Judges.

A major point of contention revolves around how to interpret the language in the bill that allows some people younger than 21 to conceal and carry.

"One of the things we're lookin' at now that is new is that, if you're under the age of 21 and you're active duty military or have been honorably discharged, you're now eligible for a weapons carry license," explained Daughtrey.

The new gun bill also creates the possibility to renew your weapons carry license as long as you do so 90 days prior to the license expiring or 30 days after it expires. Something else the judges will have to adjust to. "Currently, there hasn't been a renewal process in Georgia. It's been a new application every five years," Daughtrey said.

That has created some confusion though as to whether or not fingerprinting will be required when you renew your license.

"We're gonna take the position that if you have a current application, or you have applied for a license and you have one, on a renewal when you come in you will no longer be required to be fingerprinted," stated Daughtrey.

Something he hopes will help make the weapons carry application process easier for the nearly 150,000 Georgians who apply for a weapons carry permit each year. The judges are also currently working with law enforcement to come up with a new weapons carry application form.

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