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Motorcyclists, safety first before hitting the road

Kevin Hoss, biker Kevin Hoss, biker
CPL McKenize CPL McKenize

For many motorcyclists, weekend rides are almost ritual. And as part of motorcycle safety awareness month, Georgia State Patrol officers want to remind bikers to that taking extreme caution should also be part of their routine. 

"First of all they should make sure their bike is fully safe, meaning that everything needs to be working on their bike," GSP Corporal McKenzie said.

So that's signal lights, inflated tires but also protective wear such as leather jackets and of course a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reports that 12% of bikers who died from injuries were not wearing helmets in states with helmet laws.

Lee County motorcyclist, Kevin Hoss, feels it's also important to know your surroundings, such as where other drivers are, one of your best defenses. 

"Watching them [drivers] come out of side roads they just don't see you as well," Hoss said. 

It's an experience he has learned first hand.

"Anyone who has rode a motorcycle has either wrecked or is going to wreck," Hoss said. "And I've had a pretty major wreck about 15 years ago."

A car broad sided him in an intersection. 

"You gotta remember that there's nothing between you and that motorcycle, your chances of not being injured are very slim," Corporal McKenzie said.

Hoss is considered one of the lucky ones.

McKenzie continues, "Normally when we work them its not a good thing for the motorcycle rider, we have had several fatalities on motorcycles in the last couple of years here in Albany."

The Georgia Governors Office of Highway Safety reveals in 2012 there were 133 deaths related to motorcycle crashes. And since speed can sometimes be a factor Corporal McKenzie says riders need to know their limitations and always obey traffic laws, it could save your life. 


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