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Family survives house fire; family pet does not


Fire swept through a house in Thomasville early Thursday. The people inside got out alive, but a family dog died.

Firefighters pulled out ladders, and put on their oxygen tanks to contain the smoke that bellowed from a home located at 108 Myrtle Drive, neighbors noticed the fire.

"I knocked on the doors and tried to wake everyone up, thank goodness that they did wake up, they we're in a dead sleep and it could have been a really unfortunate circumstance," said neighbor Kevin Kelly.

Kelly says he did what any good neighbor would do, his wife called 911 and he ran over to bang on the neighbors' door.

"It's a great place to live where you know who your neighbors are, and everyone cares about their neighbors."

Kelly says timing played a major role in how fortunate the situation turned out. "If it had been thirty minutes later, we could have been sleep and not heard the explosions with the air conditioners running and everything, it could have been a different outcome all together."

Kelly's family calls it a miracle, and won't take any credit for their role in the situation. Two people were inside of the home but they got out okay.

Unfortunately, one of the two family dogs died of smoke inhalation.

"We are doing a further investigation to find out what's going on, and we'll just go from there," said assistant chief Allen Powell.

The home is a loss but the neighborhood is banding together during this families time of need.

If you would like to donate to the family in need, stop by Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel located in downtown Thomasville.

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