Viewpoint: War Monument Vandalism

Whoever vandalized the war monuments in downtown Albany wanted publicity and they got it.

It's a crime that was planned to coincide with Memorial Day weekend, so it would have maximum effect.

And it did.

The community is outraged.

Hopefully the vandals will be caught and punished; but unfortunately, there's no surveillance video to help catch them.

And that needs to change.

Even though the city has surveillance cameras to monitor downtown activity, it was too dark to capture the vandalism at the monuments.

And there's no guarantee that the monuments are even being monitored around the clock.

"When the monument was defaced the last time, we actually trained it there for a while. But you have to move them from time to time, particularly if there is an event, and you can't anticipate everything," said Wes Smith, assistant city manager.

We would like to see the city of Albany dedicate security cameras to these important monuments. Additionally, we think it's worth investing in better lighting to insure that if vandals strike again, they'll be captured on surveillance video. While this may not prevent such crimes, it will hopefully help catch those who commit them.

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