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Don't get robbed on your vacation

Lt. Rob Rodriguez, of MPD Lt. Rob Rodriguez, of MPD

As you leave for summer vacation, make sure you don't leave an open invitation for strangers to enter your home.   Police want you to secure your house and avoid it from becoming a target.  

Summer means vacation time for some, but the Moultrie Police Department says don't take a time off from keeping your house secure.   Everyone looks forward to getting away at some point during the summer.  

Police though want everyone to make sure not everyone knows your travel plans.  

"Social media is a really good tool to connect with friends, but you don't want to put on Facebook and Instagram that you're going on a cruise for 10 days," said Lt. Rob Rodriguez, of MPD.    

Before going on vacation, police advise you make a check list of things to help you from becoming a crime victim while away.  One tip is to have neighbors or friends pick up your mail.   "Somebody less than honest comes by and say they haven't picked up there newspaper, and so they must not be there,' said Rodriguez.  

Leaving your outside lights on the whole time you're away is never a good idea. Police suggest a timer or sensor lights.   "I'm walking down the street and I see the lights come on at dark time, I would be under the impression that someone is home," said Rodriguez.    

Lt. Rodriguez says all these tips are important, but the number one safety rule most people forget when they've leave town is locking the doors to their home.   "Regardless of your community and how safe you think your community is, lock your doors. It's better to be safe than find out later that somebody has taken advantage of you,"  said Rodriguez.  

Rodriguez say people should follow these precautions year round, but especially in the summer months when more people are out roaming the streets.  

Police also suggest videoing your important valuables before you, in case it's missing when you return.



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