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'Clean car' campaign aims to stop break-ins

Brian Covington, of the APD Crime Prevention Community Relations Unit Brian Covington, of the APD Crime Prevention Community Relations Unit

Albany Police have kicked off a new campaign to cut down on the growing number of car break-ins.   They are reminding drivers to make sure their cars aren't targets.    

Knocking door-to-door, Albany Police Crime Prevention Unit is taking a new approach to show drivers how to protect themselves from car thieves.  They're walking through residential areas and restaurant parking lots bringing awareness in their new Clean Car Campaign.  

Their first stop was Pine Forest Apartments Wednesday morning where they had passed out fliers the week before with tips to prevent vehicle theft.  

"This time we're coming back around to grade them to make sure that they have actually implemented the suggestions that we've made," said Brian Covington, of the APD Crime Prevention Community Relations Unit.    

 They also went from car to car, checking doors to see if they're locked and if they're not, you get a report card with a failing grade and a reminder on your windshield.    

As they walked by, they looked to see if anything is left behind that a burglar might want.   "If it's visible to us, it's visible to that car burglar as well," said Covington. "They need to take out their cell phones, take out their money, take out any firearms if they have any, to lock their doors."  

Some residents at Pine Forest say the campaign may already be working.   "I went to my truck and took all my valuable stuff out of my truck and there ain't no more valuable stuff in there," said Jonathan Lee Figueroa, who lives at Pine Forest Apartments.  

Albany police says while car break-ins are common and rising problem in the city, they're easy to prevent. They're asking that you just follow their quick, clean car checklist to keep you and your property safe.    

Albany Police will continue their campaign June 5th at Chick Fil A.


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