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D.A.'s office plans to team up with law enforcement to crack down on crime

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards
Albany Police Chief John Proctor Albany Police Chief John Proctor

The Dougherty County District Attorney's Office is hoping to team up with Law Enforcement agencies throughout Dougherty County to help make our streets safer.

The idea was presented to Albany City Commissioners tonight. The plan is to help expand seizing illegal assets obtained by criminals outside of drug seizures and use those funds for law enforcement agencies to help crack down on crime.  

Items obtained from criminals involved in burglaries, armed robberies, or gambling could soon be in the hands of law enforcement agencies in the county with help from the Dougherty County District Attorney's Office.

"If a person drives a car to a burglary we can take the car that was used to go the burglary and take the person's property away," said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.  

District Attorney Greg Edwards says it's an additional punishment to the criminal on top of what they'll be sentenced. The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit is the main agency involved in asset forfeitures and Edwards wants involvement from other law enforcement agencies as well.  

"We want to get more work done by the other agencies. The Albany Police Department is the other major agency in this county and in this circuit," said Edwards.  

The plan calls for a prosecutor to work with the agencies in proving that the seized items were involved in the crime.  

"There's two separate proceedings against the property that has been obtained by the criminal and for the crime or criminal act that the person is charged with," said Edwards.  

Through the asset forfeiture, funds obtained through the seizures would be used to purchase items such as training equipment for law enforcement agencies. Edwards says he thinks the plan could be effective and so does the Albany Police Chief.  

"This is a furtherance of trying to take a bite out of crime here in this city. So, we're looking forward to working with the D.A.'s office anyway we can to make this work," said Albany Police Chief John Proctor.  

District Attorney Edwards says he will continue to sit down with City Commissioners to discuss more of the proposal.   The Albany Police Chief says this plan is already implemented in other cities and states. District Attorney Greg Edwards says storing the seized items is one of the topics that needs to be discussed with city leaders.

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