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Vets warn against leaving dogs in cars this summer


As the temperatures heat up, it's important to remember to keep a close eye on your pets.

Veterinarians say dogs can suffer a heat stroke just as easily as humans.

Veterinarians say with summer here it's important to never leave a dog in a car for any length of time.

Dogs can actually suffer a heat stroke just walking down the sidewalk.

There's nothing wrong with taking your pet for a joy ride, but vets caution never to leave your dog inside a car for any length of time.

"Just sitting still in a parking lot and not a moving car or anything like that, we do worry about them getting overheated," says Dr. Amber Love.

At Bush Animal Clinic, veterinarians say they do see a lot of cases where animals get overheated during the hot months.

Dr. Amber Love says dogs body temperatures are higher than humans.

"People will let down their windows and everything but don't realize how warm it does get in there and everything, if there is no breeze blowing. Animals typically have a higher body temperature then we do so as where ours are around 99.8 or 98, dogs are actually a 100 or 101," says Dr. Love.

Animal control officers say they do get a lot of calls during the summer months for dogs being left in cars, about 4 or 5 a week.

And they encourage people to call if they see a dog in distress.

"If were able to get in contact with the owner then we will handle the situation from that point on," says Animal Control Officer Nicholas Streeter.

Vets say signs of a heat stroke can include panting, bloody diarrhea, and seizures.

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