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Fights spur community group to action

Organizer Bishop Frederick Williams Organizer Bishop Frederick Williams

Community violence groups warn Albany parents they are seeing an increased number of youth fights, and one was caught on surveillance video.   Stop The Violence organizers say they are concerned by an increased number of fights between teens and youths.

Law enforcement officials say parents need to know they are happening, and they could be dangerous for even the teens who are not fighting.    

Surveillance video caught dozens of teens rush to see a fight in the parking lot of the Village Green shopping center just before midnight May 16th. There was a graduation party at a business in the shopping center, and the young people ran to watch fights that broke out in the parking lot over the next half hour. 

Dozens of teens and young people rush back and forth across the parking lot to see the fights.  Stop the Violence organizers say many of these type youth fights have occurred recently across Albany.      

"When youth get into a fight the other kids standing around urges it on.  They push it on.  That is very bad behavior, because someone is eventually going to get severely hurt," said Organizer Bishop Frederick Williams.      

Sheriff Kevin Sproul says this is typical for teens and young people, to run to witness a fight, but it could be deadly for the innocent bystanders.  

"Weapons could be brought out.  A gun could go off.  Someone could get irritated with somebody else and take a knife or a tool or weapon or some sort, and aggressively go after somebody else," Sproul said.     

Stop The Violence organizers and law enforcement want Albany parents to know this is happening, and talk to their children about the dangers, saying even good kids could be hurt in bad situations.

"We want to provide a safe place in Albany for all kids. So we don't want to beat them down or hammer them down, or make them rebel.  But we would like to appeal to them to consider other people," Williams said.

Two men and a 16 year old girl were cited or arrested for disorderly conduct or giving a false name to officers during this incident. 

Stop The Violence organizers and law enforcement want parents to know these kind of incidents are happening, especially now that school is out, and urge parents to teach their children to stay away from them.


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