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Valdosta Boys and Girls Club offers plenty to do this Summer

Bill Holt Bill Holt

The Valdosta Boys and Girls Club will be starting their Summer schedule at all their locations, and there is still room to sign up if you haven't already.

The Valdosta Boys and Girls Club provides kids with a variety of activities and education, making it very popular with the community.

"I think last year we ended up with approximately 600 kids on a waiting list. That just shows you the need and desire to participate in our programs," explained Jim Wink, the club's chief professional officer.

Rock climbing is one of the programs.

"They'll have a harness on, a helmet on, and we will run 'em up there and belay 'em down and it is a great experience," said Bill Holt, senior unit director for the club's downtown Valdosta locations. "If they get up there [to the top of the wall], they get to sign the top of the rock club."

As the Summer heat settles in, the pool is always something the kids look forward to as they rotate through the different activities each day. "We actually, for the last two years, and we'll probably do the same thing this Summer, have offered free swim lessons to all of our members," Holt said.

And that's important because many kids may not already know how to swim. "That's just a vital skill. It helps your self esteem, it helps you do things," Holt pointed out. "I don't know how many people I know that go fishin' that can't swim. That's not smart. You need to know how to swim if you're gonna be in a boat."

The game center is another area that kids will rotate through.

"They're gonna play pool, there's carpet ball. If there's girls in here, they're gonna go play 'Just Dance' on the Wii. There's some different video games that they'll play," explained Holt.

Kids from Kindergarten through twelfth grade can join, but there's a limited number of spots available for each age group and all the spots are almost full, so make sure you sign up soon!

For more information about the Valdosta Boys and Girls Club, or to sign up, visit

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