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Hit and run victim speaks out

Camryn Mitchell, Hit and Run Victim Camryn Mitchell, Hit and Run Victim

An Albany teenager is speaking out after he was hit on a busy road Saturday night. 15 year old Camryn Mitchell and Nalijah Miller suffered multiple injuries during Saturday night's hit and run. Both their families want justice and for the driver to come forward.  

15-year old Camryn Mitchell is still sore and can barely walk after Saturday night's hit and run on South Slappey Boulevard.  

"I had so much adrenaline built up that I can't remember what I felt," said Camryn Mitchell. "It was just like I need to get out of here, get out of the road."    

Mitchell and his friend, 15-year-old Nalijah Miller, were leaving a party with their friends at the Youth Outreach Center Saturday night around 11:30p.m. to head to McDonalds down the street, but they never made it.  

"Like as soon as we heard the gunshots we ran across the street and that's when we got hit," said Mitchell.  

Both Mitchell and Miller were hit in front of the Popeyes on South Slappey Boulevard. The skid marks are still on the road.  

"I remember waking up in the grass in front of Popeyes and my friend crawling up off the glass of the front of the car," said Mitchell.  

Nalijah Miller shattered the vehicle's windshield suffering a dislocated right shoulder, a bruised lung and receiving 30 staples for the multiple cuts to his back. Mitchell suffered a long list of injuries as well.  

"I have a mild concussion, a fractured hip and bruises on my hip," said Mitchell.  

Both Miller and Mitchell somehow managed to make their way to a church on Centennial Avenue where they were both transported to the hospital. Albany police say a possible description of the hit and run car could be a 2003 White Buick Century with a Dougherty County license tag number "PTP4841." The mothers of both victims want justice for their sons.  

"We want to see whoever it was that was driving at least come forward," said Camryn's Mom Ullanaie Anderson. "Someone has to know something. There's a car with a busted front and back windshield."  

Both teens are continuing to see an orthopedic doctor for their injuries. If you have any information on this hit and run you are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 436-TIPS. Albany Police continues to investigate the case.

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