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Police say summer perfect time for gangs to recruit


A warning from police now that summer break is underway for Dougherty County schools.

Officers say summer is a big opportunity for gangs to recruit new members.

Now that young people have more free time, police say it's important for parents to stay involved, and keep track of what their kids are doing, and who they're spending time with.

Gang related activity can have deadly consequences. Just last year two people were shot and killed during a drive by shooting on Willard Avenue.

Prosecutors say both shooting victims were blood gang members.

Now that school is out, police say kids are more likely to be recruited.

"Most of them don't have anything to do and are not trying to find anything to do, and that's the time that they are most vulnerable to individuals that are seeking those opportunities,""

Police say young people often get involved with gangs because they are bored.

"They're not occupied enough at home or in the recreation field. Albany has a number of things that we can do for our kids. And it's just a matter of capturing their full interest."

They also encourage parents to get involved in community activities. Police recently held a forum at the Civic Center, which had a low turnout.

"All the information that we are producing is very very informative ..We give tips on things that they can look for...if their kids may be involved in some type of criminal act."

Police say they detain about two to three young people a month for gang related activities, mostly because of fights.

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