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Safety tips before firing up the grill

AFD Battalion Chief Harcrow AFD Battalion Chief Harcrow

Monday marks Memorial Day, a time where the community hosts cook outs to help celebrate but before you fire up those grills, firefighters want to remind you what needs to be done in order to have a safe holiday.

Albany Battalion Chief Kelly Harcrow says the number of accidents related to cooking does increase over the holidays so you do need to be careful and aware of your surroundings. There are ways to be safe when it comes to propane and charcoal grilling.

If you are using propane check to see if you have gas leak, you can do this by using the bubble test. You put a light layer of soap and water to the hose and if you see bubbles there is a chance a leak is present. If there is no flame, turn off the gas and grill and get it serviced.

As for charcoal grills, its vital that you use the correct type of lighter fluid. Battalion Chief Harcrow says they have put out fires where the grill used gasoline and the fire got out of control, he says don't try to substitute if you don't have the appropriate fluid. Harcrow recommends to keep the lid open as well, when its closed gas builds up so when you are ready to ignite the coals there is a chance a large unsafe flame can occur.

When you are ready to dispose, don't throw the coals away in the trash, it takes two days for the coals to cool. You want to put it in a metal container and pour water on it from time to time to let it cool down naturally.

Fire officials say its best to keep the grill as far away from the home as possible and don't allow kids to play around the grill.  Try having someone monitor the area at all times.





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