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South Georgia vets sound off on VA medical coverage scandal

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Joseph Pate Joseph Pate
Robert Bloodworth Robert Bloodworth

Joseph Pate, served in the Marine Corps from 1972-1975, he says he is losing faith in VA medical healthcare.

"They're waiting on you to die, it's the truth," Pate said.

When Pate was stationed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina he stood his post protecting ammunition one night in a blizzard. The result was frostbite. He lost feeling in his legs.  Eventually one leg was amputated, and he still feels other effects.

"My feet and my hands, they hurt even when the air conditioner is on," Pate said. "In the winter, there is no life for me anymore."

Pate said he traveled to Washington, DC to makes his case for more medical coverage. He claims in response, the VA lowered his disability coverage and raised his mental health coverage

"They said, 'We are holding it against you because you didn't complain when you were in the military,'" Pate said. "I wasn't trying to get out. I was trying to stay."

Robert Bloodworth served in the Air Force in the late 1970's. He says the only solutions he hears to his health problems lead to other issues.

"All they ever want to do is give you pills for pain," Bloodworth said. "As for treatment, they'll give you a pill but nothing else."

Both men hope all the attention being focused on the VA now will lead to better care for veterans.


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