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Family seeks stolen furniture after burglars arrested

Patricia Kalka Patricia Kalka

An Albany family is asking the community to help them regain their family furniture.

The burglars who stole the furniture out of the house have been arrested, but only one piece was recovered.

Patricia Kalka now has the queen size poster bed that was recovered by Albany Police from the home burglary, but says it is of little comfort to have it back.

"It's all scratched up, dented, and missing parts," said Kalka. "So it's not much good."

The bed and an entire house-full of heirloom furniture was stolen from Kalka's home on Hilltop Drive around April 21st. Burglars broke into the home and stole $49,000 worth of furniture. Tables, dressers, sofas, lamps, rugs, and a TV were stolen. Kalka said the furniture had great sentimental value for her.

"I set up my house for retirement," said Kalka. "Now it's all gone from there. They ransacked the house and took my belongings."

Thursday Albany Police arrested 35 year old Paul Pulley and 33 year old Christopher Dietzel at their apartment on West First Avenue. Inside they found Kalka's bed, but Pulley and Dietzel admitted they sold the rest.

Now Kalka is asking people who might have bought her furniture from these burglars to return it.

"How these people live like this?" asked Kalka. "It's very sad and very upsetting. Very hurtful."

Pulley and Dietzel are being held in the Dougherty County Jail.

If you bought any furniture from them, or have any information, call the Albany Police at 431-2100.

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