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Valdosta State conducts active shooter drill

VSU Safety Coordinator Robert DeLong VSU Safety Coordinator Robert DeLong

Thankfully, there wasn't actually a gunman on campus Friday, but that's what law enforcement from VSU, the city of Valdosta, and Lowndes County were practicing for.  

"I think the drill went very well. As with any drill, the purpose is to find your deficiencies and to improve in those areas. And, of course, we found some areas we need to improve on and will be working on that immediately," said VSU Safety Coordinator Robert DeLong.       

One of those areas is getting students to actually take the active shooter alert seriously. DeLong says he spoke to several students who said they received the campus's emergency alert, but chose not to take shelter.  

"In reality, we're all responsible for ourselves and we need to hammer that into them so that they understand that," said DeLong.  

Aside from helping campus officials identify areas that need improvement, today's drill also helped law enforcement and campus officials get to know each other better, which DeLong hopes will help improve their response in case of a real active shooter situation.  

"We've seen each other face to face and that's a big help, to know who you're working with and what each other's expectations may be."  

DeLong is now looking forward to making these active shooter drills an annual event, with a goal of having at least one active shooter drill every year.



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