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Woman says brake failure caused crash


A Thomasville woman says brake failure caused her car to go crashing through a local supermarket.

It's business as usual at Bob & Jeff's IGA Supermarket but where there was once a door these is now a hole.

"I was at the meat counter, it happened around 12:30pm last Thursday, I just heard a loud boom," said manager Ramon Herrmann.

Last a week a 1998 Ford Explorer came crashing through the store. The driver says her brakes failed when she was parking her vehicle. The driver Pauline Mitchell was taken to Archbold Hospital but her injuries were not serious.

The accident can serve as a reminder for all drivers to make sure their cars are serviced regularly.

"If you know your car there's going to be signs, if you know your car you're going to know when there is a certain noise that you haven't heard before, if you listen to your car it's an indicator it's going to tell you," said mechanic Craig McCrea.

Craig McCrea Is mechanic at Automasters and says with Summer just around the corner. It's best to have you car serviced as frequently as you would get your oil changed and if there are any red flags don't chance it!

"If it's worn out you can get into more problems like ending up in an accident or ending up stranded on the side of the road," said McCrea.

The folks at IGA say with or without doors they'll serve their customers.

"People we're saying can't wait for you to open up, they we're wanting their meat and everything," said Herrmann.

While it may take a while to restore the store, the manager Ramon Herrmann says every customer is a valued customer and as long as no one was seriously hurt no true harm was done, safety is most important.

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