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Chicken store owner fed up with break-ins

Maryland Fried Chicken owner Scott Renfroe Maryland Fried Chicken owner Scott Renfroe

Surveillance video shows a smash and grab burglar in action at Maryland's Fried Chicken on North Slappey Boulevard.  The thief smashed windows and machines, doing thousands of dollars in damage.

Now owners are offering a big money reward for this violent crook. The masked burglar uses a heavy block to smash the drive thru window at the Maryland Fried Chicken Tuesday morning.  

The burglar immediately starts destroying cash registers to see if there is any money.  Within seconds he smashes two expensive cash registers, doing four thousand dollars in damage.

Maryland Fried Chicken owner Scott Renfroe said, "It's gotten horrible. And it's disgusting really."

The burglar keeps up his search in the office, doing more damage.  Owners notice the tattoos on his arms as his rifles the desks in a desperate search for cash.  This is the third time this year they have been burglarized, and robbed at gunpoint another. 

"It's making it where as a business owner it's hard for you to want to do business in a town where you know your are going to just keep getting broke into," Renfroe said.

Now the owners are fighting back. They are offering a thousand dollar reward for his arrest and capture.   They have placed wanted posters on their doors and windows, showing the burglar, with a description. They think this burglar has broken in before, and to stop him from coming back they are offering the thousand bucks.

"It's ready.  Whoever it is needs to get caught.  ‘Cause when they do we are going to prosecute them to the fullest we can."

This burglar has a name tattooed just below his elbow on his right forearm, and other tattoos on his left arm.  He did not get any money, but left with the cash register drawer.  If you have any information, call Maryland Fried Chicken at 229-432-9595.  The owners say it is time to stop this man.


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