Viewpoint: Voter Participation

Of the nearly 50-thousand registered voters in Dougherty County, only 11-thousand 242 bothered to vote Tuesday.

That's about 22 percent.

Voter participation was even lower in the county-wide commission chair race, where only 92-hundred-75 ballots were cast.

A meager 46-hundred people voted for the winning candidate……that's only 9 percent of the registered voters.

These numbers reflect disturbing voter apathy.

What will it take to get the electorate to the polls?

Voter registration has never been easier or more accessible.

And the voting process is made simple with early voting and Saturday voting.

Even so, voters don't seem to care.

Voting is a right, that we as Americans should celebrate.

Freedom and democracy are what make our country great.

With that freedom comes responsibility…so make voting a priority that shows proper respect, to those who worked so hard to provide this right for you.