Viewpoint: Bad School Bus Drivers

A WALB News 10 investigation uncovered school bus drivers behaving badly.

Dougherty County School officials believe they had a problem with drivers claiming hours they didn't really work, speeding, and wasting gas, but they couldn't prove it.

Now, this handheld electronic device makes sure every driver conducts safety checks and doesn't leave a child on a bus. The Zonar system also includes G-P-S tracking that shows whether drivers are where they're supposed to be, whether they're speeding or altering their routes.

It cost just 43-thousand dollars to install and operate this year. Improving safety and the quality of bus drivers is worth that cost, but here's a big bonus. School officials say it could save 500-thousand dollars by helping develop more efficient routes and slashing the number of buses on the road.

It's all proof that the system is trying to do what's best for students and taxpayers.

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