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What you need to know about strokes



The month of May is stroke awareness month. A stroke can be fatal, so its important to seek help immediately.

Just remember the word "FAST," stands for face, arms, speech, and time.

Look for a dropping smile, ask the person to raise both arms, see if one drifts downward.

If they have slurred speech, and if you observe any of these signs together this could be a sign of a stroke.

A stroke is an attack on the body's brain and cuts off blood flow and oxygen. It's the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.

Some the ways you can avoid having a stroke include not smoking, so quit if you're a smoker, control alcohol use, and manage your diet and exercise

"Suddenly, anything that affects your senses. Any of the five senses and it affects it suddenly could be a stroke," says Jacqueline Grant, with the Southwest Health District 8-2.

High blood pressure can also cause a stroke.If you have diabetes its also important to manage that.

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