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Police make arrests for drugs in N. Slappey area

Bill Berry Bill Berry

 Two crime problems being seen on a regular basis in the 2500 to 2700 blocks of North Slappey Boulevard, according to law enforcement officials.    Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents busted a cocaine selling operation in that area.   

Four people were arrested during a drug raid on a Northwest Albany motel.  Drug agents say crimes in that area could be affecting people throughout the region.   Four people were arrested in this drug raid at the Dollar Inn about 9:00 Tuesday night. 

Three men, one a college student from Savannah, were arrested in a room for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.  A fourth suspect walked up during the bust with drugs. 

Complaints led drug agents to the room where they seized crack and powder cocaine worth about one thousand dollars.  Drug Unit officials say it's an ongoing crime problem around the several motels in that area.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said "In in the last, I would say, six months or so that we've hit up there several times. It's always somebody different."

Agents also seized lawn equipment they think was stolen.  Drug agents say entering autos and burglaries that are epidemic around Albany could be tied to the dope and prostitution trades there.

Berry said "Other crimes feeding it, by stealing something, like maybe a piece of equipment, or a TV, computer, or something out of a vehicle, and then pawning it for dope or taking it as pawn for prostitution."

Berry said the close proximity of the Liberty Expressway is one reason dope dealers use the area.   "Easy in and easy gone.  Slip off the expressway, go in there and get back, go on the expressway."

Drug agents say even though they keep busting people for selling dope in those blocks, others will soon move in to continue the sales.    

Drug agents say they need people to continue to call in tips when they see suspicious activity in that area.  Get tag numbers and call the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit at 430-5150.


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