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Father of murder victim shares powerful message

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A Bainbridge family is trying to figure out how they'll afford a funeral after an innocent young man was murdered.

Octavius Powell graduated from high school last year, and dreamed of joining the Navy. Those dreams were shattered by a bullet on Tuesday night.

Eles Worlds says violence is never an answer to a problem. His son, 18 year old Octavius Powell died of a gunshot wound Tuesday night.

"I lost my son before he even turned 21, and I get choked up when I think about it because he came to me and said he wanted to change," recalled Worlds.

Police say Powell was standing in the parking lot of Gibbs-Miles Homes as partiers left the nearby American Legion Hall. They believe Robert Smith fired five shots from a nearby street into the crowd. Powell was hit in the stomach.

"It stemmed from an altercation that happened earlier in the day at the boat basin," said Adrienne Harrison with Bainbridge Public Safety.

Smith was arrested and charged with felony murder but Powell's father says more than one life was lost because of the nonsense. His son Octavius and the man accused of pulling the trigger.

"They didn't deserve to have their lives taken from them either, so my best advice is get your lives together," said Worlds.

He says a stray bullet rarely has a name on it, and the solution isn't getting even, but putting away the guns and letting the violence go.

If you would like to donate to help with funeral arrangement costs for the family, donations are being collected at The Cutting Edge barbershop located at 110 Russ Street in Bainbridge.

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