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Church members ride for the homeless

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Members of a Valdosta church are trying to raise awareness about the "unseen" America, including the homeless, poverty, and human trafficking.   They're going on a motorcycle tour across the country to see the problems first-hand.      

David Rogers The pastor of CrossPointe Church in Valdosta and a fellow church member are on a 12,000 mile, 61 day cross country motorcycle tour to bring attention to problems that often go unnoticed.

Part of what they call the "Unseen" America.   "We're going' on this tour to raise awareness of the suffering that we have in America, that we have living' in our communities all around, but often remain unseen."  

Producer Bill Hurley is riding with Pastor David Rogers. Hurley says he's excited, but admits he doesn't know exactly what he'll see.   "Throughout the cities and everything, I really don't know what to expect because it's gonna be the unseen."  

Several other church members also left with the group this morning and are headed to Washington D. C. for a separate church mission trip.   A local film crew will follow Rogers and Hurley throughout the tour, documenting the stories of suffering they encounter along the way, allowing them to share these stories and help increase awareness.  

"It's so easy for us to let them go unseen. We have our own lives and the other people, maybe we might feel bad about them every once in a while, but we're not gonna go out of the way to see the unseen," said J. T. Cheek, Director.      

But this tour aims to change that, shedding light on issues that would otherwise get left in the dark, even right here in South Georgia.


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