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Business owner wants vandals caught


Moultrie Police are looking for two young men, caught on camera, smashing a window at a local business, causing hundreds of dollars in damage. Business owners say things like this happen too often.      

Police are still trying to identify two teens, seen on footage late last Thursday night.   The video was taken just after the window of Lazarus Department Store was smashed in with a brick.  

"The camera is at such an angle and so far away that we couldn't identify the juveniles," said Sergeant William Stone, Moultrie Police.  

This time nothing was taken, but they caused $600 in damage. Police think once the glass was broken, the burglar alarm scared them off.   "The criminals can outsmart us, so we just hope that we can protect ourselves as well as possible," said Steve Lazarus, store owner.  

Just six weeks before, Sid's Antiques and Gifts across the street was also broken into for the first time in 35 years of business. The burglars got away with $13,000 of merchandise, including silver jewelry. "I didn't have insurance, I thought I did, but I did not have robbery insurance. So I just lost all of that," said Sid Collins, store owner.  

Business owners have taken measures like putting up protective glass, but criminals are still able to get in by using a brick to make a small hole.  

"The police said that they used a brick and just beat it until the plastic came off and everything," said Collins.   So several of them put in new security cameras, made sure their alarms are working, and are asking residents will to report any suspicious behavior through the night.  

"Can't believe that people would even bother or risk getting in trouble but there's always a crime element out there," said  Lazarus.  

For now, they're hoping to catch these latest two responsible, and send a warning to anyone else targeting their business.


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