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Field conditions are starting to improve

Tim Burch Baker County Peanut Farmer Tim Burch Baker County Peanut Farmer


"It's been as wet as I have seen it in my lifetime of farming," said Baker County farmer Tim Burch.

Baker County Peanut farmer Tim Burch is about two weeks behind in planting due to the surplus of rain this spring.

Besides the addition inch and half of rain last week, Burch says there has been a drastic change in field conditions. 

"The clouds have cleared and skies have opened up and a lot of field work has been done in the past four to five days," said Burch.

During a drought farmers can control irrigations systems in their fields, but when there is constant rain, like this year, it is almost impossible to get into the fields and work.

"There is nothing we can do about it, we just have to wait for Mother Nature to stop the rain and let it dry out so we can get in the fields and work on the soil," said Tim Burch.

Even though Burch is having a difficult time getting his crops in the ground, he is more concerned about heavy rain during the harvest season.

"We just certainly hope we get the rain during the growing season and don't get it during the harvest because that's when it can really devastate us at harvest," said Burch. 

Burch has never been unable to plant his crops, but this season was a close call. 

"We can plant peanuts safely until the 20th of June and expect to get them harvested before a frost," said Burch.

As peanut farmers work to play catchup, they're forecasted to lose between two and five percent of this year's crop.


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