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Theft victims turn to Surveillance Video

Jill Hanna Jill Hanna

A family is tired of having their stuff ripped off, and are determined to catch the culprits.      They're using social media and offering a reward to try to identify the crooks.

The Hanna family said they have had enough with crime.  They are pulling out all the stops to find these thieves, caught on surveillance video stealing their urns, and have them prosecuted.            

Wednesday at midnight, a four door sedan pulls up to the Hanna family's driveway on Winship Drive, a man jumps out, and grabs the urn, with a live fern in it.  He tries to put it in the trunk, but it's too big. So he puts it in the backseat. And then runs to grab the other urn.

He jumps back in the passenger seat, so someone is driving, helping in the heist. 

Jill Hanna says she has no doubts they planned this theft. "So obviously they had been through our neighborhood, scoping things out before.  And had planned to come back I guess at midnight to take the urns and ferns,"  Hanna said.

This urn is like the stolen pair of metal urns. Hanna said thieves previously stole holiday decorations off their mailbox and entrances, so they put up surveillance cameras.  She admits this video makes her angry.  

"What are they going to do with it? Go and set it out at their house.  Really," Hanna said. Hanna posted the surveillance video on social media, and said immediately her neighbors and friends gave encouragement. "Something needs to be done.  This has got to be stopped.  So everybody was really upset about it."

Now the Hanna family is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the urn thieves to send a message.

"Just the principle. I can replace the ferns and the urns. Both those things can be replaced. It's the whole principal." The Hannas don't like thieves, and are fighting back, and offering cash to someone help identify this one.

If you recognize that man call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS, or the Lee County Sheriff's Office.  They are investigating the theft as well.



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