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Driver loses peanut butter load


City clean-up crews had a sticky, gooey mess to deal with Monday morning at the intersection of Newton Road and Oakridge Drive. Four large barrels of peanut butter fell off a truck, and some of them burst open, spilling their contents on the asphalt.

If you were driving down Oakridge around 11:00 Monday morning, you may have seen what was left in the road.

"I was on Oakridge Drive and turned on Newton Road and looked up in the rear view and I lost a ton of peanut butter and I knew there wasn't a whole lot I can do so I left the scene," said the driver, Eric Venable.

Venable says the pallet carrying the four barrels of peanut butter broke, sending the barrels tumbling and causing a peanut butter spill.

"Came to the house and saw it was all on the news," he recalled.

Venable said he was going to return to the scene with a smaller trailer to clean up the mess. He sent one of his employees to talk with the police.

"But by that time, the news was there, the police were there and y'all were looking for the criminal," he said.

Once Venable returned to the scene, he was given a ticket for Failure to Secure Load.

"I said ‘Wow, [because] the police said you're the only one I know that come back to the scene and confess, and I said I wasn't going to leave it out here," said Venable.

Venable uses the peanut butter to feed wild hogs at his plantation.

"They love it. I guess they can smell it from a long way, but they can't stay away from it, they get all up in the barrel," said Venable.

No one was hurt in the peanut butter mess that covered the road. Public Works assisted in the clean-up.

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