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Warwick Police patrol hwy 300

Warwick Police Chief David Morris Warwick Police Chief David Morris

When you talk about the town of Warwick, some folks think speed trap, but the Police chief says he's proud of his department's record on public safety.

"Just slow down when you come through here," said Chief David Morris of Warwick Police.

Warwick Police Chief David Morris has one goal in mind when he patrols highway 300.

"Public safety and I like our record. Since we have been here, this administration, we've had zero fatalities and I want to keep it that way," said Chief Morris.

The police department uses k-9 units, a tag reader and patrol cars to crack down on all types of crime. Even with the state of the art technology Chief Morris's most valuable unit goes beyond the tools in their vehicles.

"Officer observation and all officers out there on the road are my number one asset, this would be second," said Chief Morris.

The tag reader vehicle is not used to catch speeders; it is designed to catch criminals on the run.

"It takes pictures of all the tags going north and south on highway 300 and it lets us know if any of those tags are on the states hot list," said Chief Morris.

About four months ago they were able to apprehend and turn over someone who was on the FBI's terrorist list.

"So it gives us a lot of insight by reading these tags and lets us know if there is a problem with that vehicle," said Chief Morris.

The next time you travel through Warwick slow down.

"If you will catch the signs when you come into Warwick and drive the speed limit you will not be pulled over for speeding, that I can promise you," said Chief Morris.


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