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Grads are ready to move on

(Left to right) Lamyah Wimberly, Coveleski Stewart, Tevan Warren, Darien Shannon,  Aleah Newberry (Left to right) Lamyah Wimberly, Coveleski Stewart, Tevan Warren, Darien Shannon, Aleah Newberry

Summer vacation has started for Dougherty County students who closed out the school year Friday.   They are ready to take their next steps.  The Class of 2014 in Dougherty County spent their last day in high school signing year books, making memories and practicing for the big day.    

Alexia Mims of Dougherty Comprehensive High School student wants to study forensic science at Albany state. "It's kicking in. It's the day before, but I'm ready. I've been prepared for 12 years," she said.    

"Ready to get out of high school and start my new journey and hopeful it becomes successful," said Darien Shannon, Valedictorian.  He wants to attend Kennesaw State in Pre-med, working to be a pediatrician.  

The soon-to-be graduates have spent the last four years working for Saturday, when they receive that much awaited diploma.   And this year's graduating class has some students with big dreams and goals.    

Tevan Warren is going to Albany State, and Ga State for Engineering, and plans to enlist in the Air Force as officer.  "Serve my country and make my country a better place to live," he said.  

"Really want to go into the next level with baseball," said Coveleski Stewart, who plans to head to Savannah State for Computer Science and baseball.

"I have family members that are in nursing and they really inspire me. They pushed me that extra mile," said Aleah Newberry, who plans to attend GA State for nursing.  

As for Monroe students like Lamyah Wimberly, she's not only following her own dreams, she's fulfilling a family dream.   "My aunt really wanted to be a doctor but she decided to be a nurse," said Wimberly.   "I'm going to take her position in pursuing to be a doctor."  

Now she's planning to head to Valdosta State to pursue a pre-medical degree.     

But no matter the dream, the students are excited to see what's next for them and their classmates.   "We made it," said Mims. "Keep moving and never give up," said Warren.  

And Saturday they'll walk together across the stage at the Albany Civic Center, grab their high school diplomas and step out into the world.


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