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Neighborhood's message to illegal dumpers: We're watching you


Residents in an East Albany neighborhood are fed up. Someone dumped about 20 trash bags of yard waste off of their street, and they are fighting back.

The garbage bags were thrown between the railroad tracks and Village Street at East Tift Avenue, within easy sight of a no trespassing sign.

"We have the signs posted, and all like that." said East Colonial Village Neighborhood Watch Vice President A.D.Thomas. "No littering, but it's not doing any good."

The area was just cleaned up last week, and leaders of the East Colonial Village Neighborhood Watch are angry that someone used their community as a dump.

"This is where we live. This is where we at everyday. And we plan to stay here. But we are not going to have it dirty," said East Colonial Village Neighborhood Watch President Harold Williams.

The bags were dumped right beside one of the flower gardens that the Neighborhood Watch group built and keeps planted. The gardens were designed to show that the neighborhood will not tolerate crime.

"When you litter in the neighborhood like this, it's a potential for crime. And then when the neighborhood goes down, then we see an increase of crime. So I'm very happy that they are watching and staying on top of it."

The neighborhood watch leaders were told by Code Enforcement to leave the bags alone, in case snakes or drug related items were in them.

Homeowners say they will not put up with it.

"I've been in this area since 1971, and I'm not planning on going anywhere," said Thomas. "And I'd like for a nice neighborhood."

The Neighborhood Watch is asking people to keep an eye out for illegal dumping. If you see it, get a tag number and call 311 and report it.

The city sent out collectors to clean up the dumped trash Friday afternoon. Now they are going to keep a close eye, to hopefully keep the illegal dumper from coming back.

Police urge anyone to report suspicious activity in the area, and call 311 with a tag number if they see any illegal dumping.

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